Blindsided By Healing

A Story of Redemption, the Faithfulness of God and The People He Used To Save My Life

About The Author

Amy Watson is a survivor and she wants to tell the world about it.  A devout Christian, Amy understands, appreciates and knows that God’s grace got her through a lifetime of abuse, neglect and abandonment.  Removed from her mother’s care at age 14, Amy was in a children’s home in Tampa, Florida—years that she still explains “as the best years of my life”.  After graduating from high school, Amy attended Clearwater Christian College on a full scholarship.  Upon graduating from college, she returned to her home town (Jacksonville, Florida).  It was there she met and married a man that was abusive for 12 years.  During that time, she earned her MBA.  After fleeing the marriage, Amy taught high school for 2 years before returning to her profession of late.

These days, you can find Amy living on Florida’s “Nature Coast” with an adopted family who loves her unconditionally.  This book will truly have been a labor of love for Amy; but her goal is to help others; and for that reason she unearthed pain to write this, over the span of 4 years.